As you know, I’m giving both Angus and Seamus a daily dose each of DHA Omega and it’s obviously helping Seamus, since I can see how he’s perked up since I’ve been giving it to him. Angus has always been full of beans so I can’t state categorically that it’s helping him but I hope it is shrinking his adrenal tumours so that he’ll be with me for many more years!

Since then, I’ve been told about coconut oil being good for pets.

I got an email from another ferret owner with a link to virgin coconut oil (VCO) so I did some research about it. Certainly there are lots of websites lauding the healing properties of VCO for their dogs and cats, helping with allergies, with fleas, and other problems, but I couldn’t find anything about VCO and ferrets.

Well if it was good for dogs and cats, why on earth wouldn’t it be good for ferrets too?

I bought a jar of Melrose organic coconut oil butter from Malaga Market, which is near to where we live, and then, when I looked up VCO online, I saw a bottle of Bananban Virgin Coconut Oil Pet Tonic Supplement so I ordered that as well.

I think I’m fairly intelligent when it comes to most things but I must say I was a real dummy with the Pet Tonic Supplement. If you click on the links, you’ll see that the Melrose jar looks like it’s full of lard – thick whitish/yellow waxy solidified coconut “butter”. Right? Right!

Now click on the Banaban link, and you’ll see a nice clear bottle of coconut oil in the display photo.

I actually thought that the Banaban product would come to me looking like the photo … DUH ME! ;) When it was delivered, sure enough – the bottle was full of … you guessed it … thick whitish/yellow waxy solidified coconut “butter”!!

At least with the jar of “butter” I can get to it with a spoon. I’m still scratching my head wondering how I’m going to get that stuff out of the thin necked bottle :D

But enough about bottles …. there are some interesting articles about the benefits of VCO for pets.

And here’s something from a vet about VCO where she actually mentions ferrets – YAY \o/ :D

I’m giving all my guys 1/4 teaspoon of that coconut butter in their smoothy and Spook gets a special 1/4 teaspoon of VCO, which I heat up for 30 seconds in the microwave, let cool then give to him.

His coat is very coarse and rough and I noticed he’s got blackheads on his tail …

Almost a year ago I heard from another Aussie ferret owner, who is also a vet nurse, that her ferret had a rat’s tail and she got “Ungvita”, which helped to clean the tail and to regrow the hair.

I’ll see how I got with the VCO before I reach for the Ungvita but will let you know how Spook’s tail looks :)

Stay tuned!!!

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