Happy Easter :)

Wishing all my ferret friends from around the world a very peaceful and happy EASTER!  :D  Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family and friends.

Just a little reminder … chocolate is lethal to ferrets so please make sure your little guys don’t get to steal and eat any during this holiday as you want to keep your ferret safe!  :/



Bandit the Ferret has a broken leg :(

Tonya posted a comment to ask if I could spread the word about her ferret Bandit.

It seems that Bandit was sleeping with the eldest son on the top bunk and had a tumble, which resulted in a broken forearm :(




I was happy to help out so threw some money into the pot.  I don’t usually ask people to help out and donate money and, of course I don’t know the person at all, so can’t guarantee it’s not a scam.  However I doubt very much someone would go to all this trouble if they wanted the money for themselves so I’m fairly confident the money will go towards Bandit’s operation.

Black Seed Oil & ferrets

A ferret friend who believes in natural remedies and told me about Ubiquinol and Astaxanthin, both of which his ferrets are on, mentioned that he’d heard that Black Seed Oil (BSO) was a good supplement to use if ferrets are sick.

I had already ordered both


http://www.naturalnews.com/files/astaxanthin.pdf  (Scroll down to Chapter VIII …Love Your Pet? Give It Natural Astaxanthin)




previously and was giving that to my guys in their daily smoothie.

When I heard about Black Seed Oil, I had to google the supplement to see what it said about how it helped animals and this is what I found …

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter Sunday tomorrow and I hope it’s filled with lots of love, fabulous food and great company :D

Hugs to all your ferrets from me and my guys down under!


Fabulous prints of adorable ferrets

It’s always a hard decision as to what to get our grandchildren for their birthdays. They seem to have so many toys and gadgets, it gets frustrating to figure out that special something. That is, until I saw Shelly Mundel’s fabulous pictures and prints on Etsy! :)

I looked at her selection and that made my mind go *ping*! What a wonderful way to introduce a ferret into each grandkid’s room, no? :D

I’d ordered a picture earlier for a good friend who used to have ferrets but now no longer does, and Shelly very kindly worked out the airfare for the print to be sent to Oz.